Our Strengths

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  • Work Force: Domain Expertise

    People - Trained young and dynamic core team of professional staff ensures fulfillment services of high standards in line with the requirements of the client. Arena is supported by a group of experienced project coordinators who efficiently do the ground work with documentation, interpretation, planning of movements, communication and pre/post shipment procedures including generation of regular MIS reports. Top management is always available and in full command of the day-to-day operations and are accessible to provide support as and when required.

    Equipments - Exclusive delivery vehicles & handling equipments

    Locations - Strategically located Distribution centers to meet customer demands

    Warehousing - Efficient and dynamic Warehouse Management Systems

    System Support - WMS Customized inventory systems software

    - Getting the right goods or services to the right place, at the right time, and in the desired condition at the lowest cost and highest return on investment.

    Product / Service Utility

    Possession Utility - the value or usefulness that comes from a customer being able to take possession of a product

    Form Utility - in a form that can be used by the customer and is of value to the customer

    Place Utility - available where they are needed by customers

    Time Utility - available when they are needed by customers Logistics obviously help time and place utility