Road Rail and Water Haulage

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    • - The magnitude of our transportation fleet and domain of our transport services facilitate the necessary goods to reach right place on time – invariably irrespective of the package and the nature of goods.

    • - Orderliness ground work and pre planning helps modulating and administering the transport including transitional storage – supported by a proficient staff with high level of competence.

    • - Workforce contribution We are able to furnish skillful, competent and docious and differential trained pool of staff to operate customer owned equipment like cranes, forklifts, trucks, trailers, stackers, dumpers and excavators.

    • - Commanding and pursuing turnkey logistics for industrial projects including realistic and sensible studies, route cross examination, surveys, movement authorizations, packing, administration and supervision of shipping operations, loading, unloading on-site delivery as well as apprising on other activities carried out by CFC Logistics Pvt. Limited to provide a truly international service.

    • - We have also flourished superior working alliance with a number of affiliates, associates and correspondents all over the world, whose sustenance and facilities aggregate those of the CFC Logistics Pvt. Limited.